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Sell My Car 2day - Promotion
Terms and Conditions

1. Vehicles must be in a good running condition; non-running vehicles will not qualify for the promotion.

2. A valid written offer must be produced in order to qualify for the promotion. This offer must include but is not limited to the following:
2.1. Must be on a company letter head with contact details. No private offers will be valid to qualify for this promotion.
2.1.2. No Trade in offers will qualify for the promotion.
2.2. Must be valid for the same month of the promotion and no older than 14 days.
2.3. Must clearly state the offer to purchase price.
2.4. Any offer received after an offer has been made by Sell My Car 2day will not be valid for the promotion.
2.5. Dealers or persons employed by a dealership will not qualify for the promotion.

3. The vehicle must be brought to our evaluation center in order for the inspection of the vehicle to be carried out. Any off-site inspection will not qualify for the promotion.
3.1 Sell My Car 2day reserves the right to inspect the vehicle thoroughly this includes, but is not limited to, the body of the motor vehicle, the mechanics, interior and any accessories.
3.2. Sell My Car 2day reserves the right to ask for proof of mileage should we have reason to believe that the mileage displayed is not true.

4. All relevant paperwork must be produced as well as proof of ownership of the vehicle. This includes the following:
4.1. eNATIS Paper
4.2. Valid ID or Passport
4.3. If ownership is less than 6 months a valid invoice must be produced to prove purchase and ownership of the vehicle in question.

5. Should all the above be in order and Sell My car 2day is unable to better the offer by any amount, Sell My Car 2day agrees to pay the participant an amount of R500.00 (five hundred Rands) and no more.
5.1. The amount of R500 is only payable to the owner of the vehicle and is not transferable to any other persons.

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